Who We Are


Paladin Solutions helps reduce origination costs, expand operational capacity and reduce time-lines while ensuring full compliance with today’s changing requirements. Our flexible technology can quickly interface with client existing systems allowing for quick and seamless integration and is fully customizable to incorporate client-specific guidelines, rules, workflow, and tracking functionality.

What We Do


Paladin Solutions touches over 8,000 files per month, providing fulfillment, servicing solutions, valuations, quality control, due diligence and auditing services that banks, mortgage companies and insurance companies utilize frequently ensuring the loans of yesterday and today are pristine and free of possible repurchase issues and in compliance with all the new laws and regulations.

Why Choose Us?


As a leader in outsourcing support solutions in today’s market, Paladin Solutions provide a differentiated processing and underwriting solution compared with other outsourcing firms. We can change a project’s scope and procedures in near real time to meet business partner requirements.  Project design and IT resources are on standby through the business day, after hours and on weekends.  We can retrofit scope changes with design phase tracking.